Yvonne Ellis


Yvonne Ellis has been making music all her life and has toured the world with bands including Simply Red but when Yvonne's mum became ill with cancer 15 years ago, Yvonne’s desire to help her resulted in a new passion. Yvonne’s mum, Patricia, was suffering with agonising side effects from the radiotherapy she had undergone as part of her treatment for cancer. It had left her with burnt, raw and painful skin, and none of the conventional creams and ointments she tried offered any relief.


Having always been interested in natural healthcare, she wanted to find a gentle cream suitable to treat her mum's damaged skin; as there were no suitable products on the market she set about making her own. The result was a cream that Patricia found to be almost miraculous – not only did it soothe her skin, but she was thrilled to find that her skin began to heal much more rapidly than expected, and that soft, new skin was replacing the burned and damaged skin. All those years ago she begged Yvonne to ‘do something’ with this cream – to get it ‘out there’ so that other people could benefit from its natural healing properties.


We are delighted that Yvonne has agreed to create a pure, natural range of products, Rich Therapies Organique by AElliss, that work with the body’s own natural processes, and contain only the finest, highest quality organic ingredients.



Moisturise, soften and protect with a luxurious bar of pure shea, cocoa and coconut butters, which melt deliciously on contact with the skin. Perfumed with a divine blend of pure essential oils to further benefit your skin, simply stroke the bar over the skin before gently massaging in to aid absorption or add a small piece to your bath and allow the luxurious oils to soak into your skin. 


Available in Rose, Neroli and Ylang Ylang. Pack of 3 bars, £25 plus £4.50 postage and packaging.

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 Email Yvonne at yvonne@richtherapies.com

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