Energy psychology


Advanced Energy Psychology Techniques balance, restore and improve human functioning by combining physical interventions (such as acupressure, chakra and assemblage point healing), with mindfulness and advanced western psychological interventions.

Positive clinical and experimental outcomes have shown these techniques achieve rapid, transformational shifts in feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors as well as improved performance for educational learning, personal and professional development. 

At Rich Therapies we offer advanced energy psychology skills by combining techniques such as:


-Inner RePatterning

-Emotional Freedom Techniques

-Neuro Linguistic Programming 


-Time Line Therapy

-Deep State RePatterning


Of note: Studies are currently being undertaken by the National Institutes of Health, the Kaiser Foundation, and the Veterans Administration. Though scientific study of energy psychology modalities is in it its early phases, the growing body of clinical research has thus far been very promising. fMRI and QEEG results have shown positive brain activity after the use of energy psychology techniques.


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